Would you like to find out what and when was printed with your PC? May be you would like to keep track on the exact costs of the printing load of your local network bound to the same printer installed in only one work place? May be someone can send a printer task while you are away and you won't even spot those several pages printed? You simply need printer management software to help you keep tabs on what is going on with your printing queue!

SpyArsenal Print Monitor is the only simple and at the same time powerful solution to record every document printed on a certain computer. You will never lose a document or image which your printer releases with our easy-to-use software. Print Monitor helps you retrieve who, when and what printed using your hardware on your business network. Secretly recorded printed documents' snapshots can then be analyzed, saved and finally help you save printing budget or locate the unwanted employees who personally benefit from corporate resources. Prevent these violations today! Track your printing activities and do not allow unwanted documents to be printed! SpyArsenal Print Monitor will take care of your printer's jobs right away.

SpyArsenal Print Monitor helps you:

  • keep track on printer/plotter usage

  • save money by providing exact print bills to your customers even if you were away

  • record every document printed

  • find out who and when printed certain paper with your hardware

  • know who utilized your printer while you were not in the office

    SpyArsenal Print Monitor features:

  • unique printed documents filter and reports calendar

  • searching among printed documents

  • it is totally hidden to other users

  • various hot keys for hiding, unhiding, logs reviewing and other actions with Print Monitor, which are unknown to anyone else

  • secretly sends printed documents reports to your personal e-mail box or FTP server

  • optionally notifies users of your PC that printing devices are monitored

    It is much easier to manage printing in the office if you use Print Monitor! Prevent unauthorized printer usage now - download SpyArsenal Print Monitor!